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Current Issue

The AHIF Policy Journal

Volume 5, Spring 2014


Editorial Foreword (68.5KB PDF)
By Dan Georgakas

Kissinger’s Encouragement of Turkey’s Aggression in Cyprus (67.4KB PDF)
By Gene Rossides

Clash of Eagles with Two Heads: Epirus in the 21st Century (237KB PDF)
By Panayiotis Diamadis

The Greek Elections of 2012: The Impact of Closed and Open Electoral Systems on Female Candidates (126.9KB PDF)
By Aletha Vassilakis

The Fulbright Programs and the Future of Hellenism in America (59.9KB PDF)
By Artemis Zenetou

Emerging Voices of Greek America (140.4KB PDF)
Annamarie Buonocore, Anna Tsiotsias, Georgea Polizos, and Peter Hasiakos

Institutional Governance and the Trustees of Anatolia College by Serge Hadji-Mihaloglou (35.6KB PDF)
Reviewed by Van Coufoudakis

The Asia Minor Catastrophe and the Ottoman Greek Genocide: Essays on Asia Minor, Pontos, and Eastern Thrace, 1912-1923 edited by George M. Shirinian (44.2KB PDF)
Reviewed by Elaine Thomopoulos

Turkey, the Jews and the Holocaust by Corry Guttstadt(46.1KB PDF)
Reviewed by Alice von Bieberstadt