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AHI Holds Farewell Luncheon for Cyprus Ambassador Andros Nicolaides
August 18, 1998 No. 37/98


On August 13, 1998, the American Hellenic Institute held a luncheon at the Capital Hilton Hotel, Washington, D.C. to say farewell to Ambassador Andros Nicolaides and Mrs. Ero Nicolaides on the occasion of their departure from Washington. Ambassador Nicolaides is retiring from the Foreign Service and is returning to Nicosia.

Guests attending included the Ambassador of Greece Alexander Philon, Special Cyprus Coordinator Ambassador Thomas Miller, scholars, businessmen and many more.

Mr. Nicholas Chimicles, Chairman of AHIPAC, and Mrs. Theodora Hancock, president of HAWC, presented Ambassador Nicolaides with the AHI Hellenic Heritage Public Service Award. Mr. Eugene T. Rossides praised Ambassador Nicolaides' personal energies and efforts in projecting throughout the United States the issues involved in the Cyprus problem.

Speakers included Ambassador Miller, Ambassador Philon. and Mr. Ike Pappas. They joined Mr. Rossides in praising Ambassador Nicolaides for his accomplishments in Washington and in wishing him well in his retirement.

All speakers praised Mrs. Nicolaides for her contributions to the performance of the Cypriis Embassy. AHI Chairman James Marketos and Mrs. Ona Spiredellis, from HAWC, presented Mrs. Nicolaides with a piece of Stuben crystal.

In his remarks, Ambassador Nicolaides thanked AHI for its role in the Cypriot issues and said that they should continue until the Turkish military is out of Cyprus for good. Ambassador Nicolaides said that he will continue his efforts to support the Greek American role with the American government to bring to Cyprus peace, unity, tranquility and an influential role in the world we are entering today.

AHI records its thanks to Ambassador and Mrs. Nicolaides for their service to Greek American relations. All of us wish them both every success in their new life in Nicosia.