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House of Representatives Panel Endorses Humanitarian Aid for Cyprus


July 17, 1998 No. 29/98


On July 15, 1998 the Foreign Operations Subcommittee of the House Appropriations Subcommittee completed the 'mark-up' stage of the Foreign Aid bill governing appropriations for the fiscal year beginning October 1, 1998. The Subcommittee endorsed continuation of humanitarian aid for Cyprus at an expected level of $15 million. The bill now passes to the full Appropriations Committee for further consideration.

The American Hellenic Institute congratulates Chairman Sonny Callahan (R-AL), Ranking Member Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and the other Committee members for this action. It sends a positive message of continued U.S. support for the settlement process in Cyprus and thus advances U.S. interests. AHI also congratulates all Greek American organizations for their efforts in this successful outcome.

AHI thanks its own members for their contribution to the successful safeguarding of this aid for Cyprus. Telephone calls were made to all Committee members urging them to vote for the aid. Callers pointed out to their Representatives that, with the settlement process and the U.S. peace initiative at a virtual standstill because of the Turkish military's intransigence, it was important for the U.S. Congress to stress its commitment to regional peace. Further, it was important to signal to the Cyprus government and to President Clerides that the U.S. Congress noted and approved his recently reiterated proposals for demilitarization and other measures for lowering tension.

AHI is gratified that these arguments prevailed and, once again, congratulates Chairman Callahan, Ranking Member Pelosi, the Committee members, and the grass roots community for their part in this successful advocacy of U.S. national interests. AHI encourages its members to contact members of the House Appropriations Committee to ensure continued support of this aid for Cyprus.